General List of Apps – not sorted by subject area

Math Specific Individual Apps or Math App Lists

Math and Science

These apps use flash cards, games and interactive displays to teach your kids about math, astronomy and more.
  • Math Card: This grade-as-you-go game teaches subtraction, division, multiplication and addition in a touch-screen game.
  • Kids Math Fun – Third Grade: This app is devoted to third grade math skills, including basic arithmetic. Games like Double Dare and Minute Math keep it fun, too.
  • The Math Master: Practice math drills and learn math facts on this app, which features a numeric touchpad.
  • KidsCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun This app teaches young children number recognition, and older kids arithmetic. It features a birthday party theme, and includes flash cards, puzzle game, running timer, and more.
  • PopMath Basic Math: This level-based math game is supposed to be non-stressful but still effective.
  • Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy: This app displays the night sky just as you’re seeing it, but with more detail and descriptions of constellations and stars.
  • Mathematical Formulas: This app serves as a great reference and review tool that catalogs and explains math formulas for geometry and more.
  • Brain Tuner Lite: This free app is a great tool for getting your kids to practice math skills each day.
  • Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks: More advanced students can practice multiplication, square numbers, and more.